2016 LIGHTING & VISIBILITY Requirements

1.1 Requirements for EXISTING trailers

ALL EXISTING TRAILERS must have the following:

  • Rear lights (comprising of tail lights, brake lights & indicators)
  • A number plate light
  • Side lights (a white light on the front corner of the trailer, some exceptions apply for tractor & trailer combinations less than 40ft long)
  • Rear reflective markings (RED)

IF THE TRACTOR and TRAILER COMBINATION IS LONGER than 10 meters, the following are also required. NOTE: we interpret a 10m combination to be trailers 16ft or longer.

  • One side marker lamp is required to be fitted on the RIGHT hand side of the trailer. It should be fitted as near as possible to the centre of the trailer body.
  • Reflective side marking (yellow or white)

IF THE TRACTOR and TRAILER COMBINATION IS LONGER than 13 meters, the following is also required. NOTE: We interpret a 13m combination to be trailers 24ft or longer.

  • a ‘LONG VEHICLE’ must be fitted to the rear of the trailer.


1.2    Additional requirements for trailers manufactured after 1st January 2016.

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE REQUIREMANTS, all trailers manufactured after 1st January 2016 must be fitted with side marker lamps on both sides of the trailer. The first lamp   should be no more that 3m from the front of the trailer and the distance between any two side marker lamps should not exceed 3m. The distance between the furthest back side marker and the back of the trailer must not exceed 1m.