Single Axle Bale Trailer

Length 18ft to 23ft
Width 8ft 2in standard width
Max Speed


Gross Capacity 12,500Kg
Axle 10 Stud Commercial
Wheel Size 385-65R22.5
Chassis Minimum 8” Channel Iron
Cross-members 3” Channel Iron @ 16” centers
Paint Sandblasted
Etch Primed
Single Pack Top Coat
Brakes Standard Hydraulic with parking brake and breakaway brake
Lighting LED lights as standard
Side Marker lights, Number Plate light
Rear reflective marking
Side reflective markers

Optional Front Headboard
Choice of low or high front / rear bale gates
Wheel options include floatation, low profile, twin wheels and part worn wheels.

Choice of smooth or chequerplate flooring.

Choice of Solid or Sprung drawbar

3 MORE reasons to buy a Lynch Bale Trailer

  1. PRODUCT RANGE: We manufacture a large range of flatbed trailers so whether you want to draw a few hundred bales or a few thousand, we will have the trailer for you. We recognise that different trailer users require trailers with different specifications and this is reflected in the broad range of trailer specifications available throughout the flatbed trailer range.
  2. TRAILER CONSTRUCTION :  All flatbed trailer chassis are designed well within their strength capacities. Channel iron cross members are located at 16" centers and the trailer side-lace is of solid bar construction - 20mm thick on most models. Aswell as adding huge strength to the trailer, it allows for straps to be tied at any point along the trailer length and not just where rope hooks are mounted. Chassis of longer trailers are cross braced at multiple locations and all floors are fully welded along the length.
  3. QUALITY FINISH: All sharp edges and corners are removed and the front and rear bale racks are designed so as  not to cause any damage to wrapped bales. LED lighting is standard accross the entire range as are side and year reflective markings. The trailer chassis and cross members are fully sandblasted before the floor is fitted ensuring successful adhesion of primer and paint.


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