Triaxle Bale Trailer

Length 28ft to 34ft
Width 8ft 2in standard width
Max Speed 60Km/hr
Gross Capacity 27,000Kg
Axle 10 Stud Commercial axle with 420x180 Brakes
Standard Wheel 435-50R19.5 singles
Chassis 10” Chassis
Cross-members 3” Channel Iron @ 16” centers
Paint Sandblasted, primed and finished with polyeurethyene 2 pack Top Coat
Brakes Dual Air & Hydraulic with parking brake and breakaway brake
Hydraulic Only & Air Only Brakes optional
Lighting Double rear LED lights as standard
Side Marker lights, Number plate light
Rear reflective marking
Side reflective markers
Options * Headboard options
* Low or high front & rear bale gates
* Wheel options include floatation wheels, low profile twins or standard 385 singles.
* Steer Axle


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