Grain & Silage Trailers

We manufacture Grain & Silage trailers ranging in length from 16ft to 20ft.

All Grain & Silage trailers come standard with commercial axles (420x180 Brakes) and underslung spring suspensions. This ensures stable and smooth towing and very importantly gives the trailer the lowest possible center of gravity. Another major benefit of using the underslung suspension is that it allows full width cross members to be mounted over the top chassis as opposed to cross members that are just welded in against the top chassis. All trailer come standard with a sprung drawbar, heavy duty 40mm towing eye, double 3 stage hydraulic tipping rams and choice of air & hydraulic braking options.

The bottom and top chassis of the trailers are built using high grade, heavy wall hollow section giving great strength and stability.The complete trailer is sandblasted after fabrication to remove mill scale and ensure a good surface for primer and paint adhesion. The body frame is fabricated from box section for strength and is fully welded to prevent dirt and water accumulation between the frame and the side sheeting. The hinge pins are fitted with grease points at the bushes.

All trailer lengths are available in varying configurations for root crop, grain and silage. All trailer bodies are tapered and standard body heights are 4ft for root crop, 6ft for grain and 8ft for silage. Other body heights are also available. Trailers are also available with choice of conventional swinging rear door or our hugely impressive hydraulic rear door with six locking points.

Other Standard features include LED rear lights and side marker lights as well as high level rear lights fitted to the tailboard. Waterproof junction boxes are also used. Also standard is a neatly designed hose tidy panel at the front of the trailer to keep hydraulic and air hoses away from the drawbar and tractor lift arms. The lighting connection to the tractor is a removable electric coil. Side and rear reflective markinga are also standard accross the entire range. All trailers are standard finished with 2 pack primer and high gloss 2 pack top coat.

Options features include a choice of hydraulic up and over rear door or conventional swinging door. Other options include roll over cover, mesh or solid panel silage extensions, rear hitch, tailboard chute, and reverse lights / camera. All trailers are available with a wide variety of tyre options ranging from commercial road tyres to the widest floatation tyres. Trailer colour is also the choice of the customer!