Cattle Trailers

We manufacture a range of Cattle Trailers ranging in length from 16ft single axle up to 34ft tri axle.

All cattle trailers come standard with aluminium floor, aluminium loading gates, and an aluminium ramp. Other distinguishing features of the Lynch Cattle Trailer range include a galvanised effluent tank and a galvanised internal divide. Our design ethos is based on the belief that all trailer parts that come in contact with animal effluent should be either galvanised or aluminium in order to ensure your trailer has a long corrosion free life.

Standard Features

  • Front view panel
  • Hot dIp galvanised slurry tank
  • Hot dip galvanised internal dividing gate
  • Strong aluminium loading gates with galvanised steel ends
  • Channel iron cross members under the floor
  • Aluminium chequered plate  floor
  • Slurry collection tray at rear of floor
  • Front Ladder and  overhead walkway
  • LED lighting with hugh quality waterproof junction boxes
  • Side barriers and reflective side markings
  • Hydraulic brakes as standard on 40 Km/hr models and air brakes as standard  on 50 Km/hr  models