Single Axle Cattle Trailer

Length 16ft to 22ft
Width 8ft standard width
Max Speed 40Km/hr
Gross Capacity 12,000Kg
Axle 8 stud or 10 Stud commercial, depending on trailer length
Wheel Size 215-75R17.5, 245-45R19.5 or 275-70R22.5 Twins
Flooring Aluminium Chequer Plate
Cross-members 3” Channel Iron @ 16” centers
Paint Sandblasted
Top Coat
Brakes Standard Hydraulic with parking brake and breakaway brake
Lighting LED lights as standard
Side Marker Lights, Number Plate Light
Rear reflective marking
Side reflective markers
Options High level lighting (front and rear), Internal Light
Muttiple dividing gate
Single wheel options also available

3 MORE reasons to buy a Lynch Cattle Trailer

  1. NO COROSION :  All items that come in contact with animal effluent on the Lynch range of Cattle Trailers are either aluminium or galvanised. Lynch Trailers were the first company in Ireland to introduce the galvanised slurry tank and galvanised dividing gate as standard. Additionally, since 2015 all steelwork is fully sandblasted in-house before being primed and painted.
  2. FLOOR CONSTRUCTION :  Our aluminium chequer plate floor is supported on pressure treated imported timber planks. These timbers in turn are laid on channel iron cross members that are fitted at 16" centers. The timber planks are placed with a gap between them. This allows the timber to breathe and lets the air circulate around the timber. Not too dissimilar to the roof your house, air circulation around the timber is critical to ensure its long life. The timber also acts as a kind of shock absorber between the steel cross members and the aluminium floor, reducing the likelyhood of cracking of both the aluminium sheeting and the aluminium welding over the life of the trailer. Finally, aluminium floors that are supported on timber are more comfortable and much quieter when livestock move around on them as well.
  3. BUILD QUALITY & FINISH: The design and build quality of our livestock trailers is second to none. All trailers are designd and manufactured with your livestock in mind. Sharp edges and corners are removed and the ramp design is such that there is no steel lip at the bottom of the ramp that may cause damage to an animals legs etc...A very useful front view panel allows the operator to see inside the trailer from the comfort of the tractor seat!

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